Minerals & Refractories


Minerals & Refractories Ltd. (M&R) is the leading company in the field of refractory products import, supplies, engineering, and consultation, since 1961. Through the years, we have provided services to numerous companies of the hot and heavy industry in Israel.
Refractory Lining Engineering:
M&R provides consultation on all refractory and insulation lining to the industry, support in refractory products selection and methods of implementation. For over 12 years now, M&R conducts complete lining engineering/design work, heat transfer calculations and testing of new products for special applications. These services have been provided to numerous plants and new industrial installations. For that, M&R cooperates with a leading European company who are experts in this field. 
Many projects have been completed for companies such as: Oil Refineries, Dead Sea Magnesium, Bromine Compounds, Nesher Cement and more.
Refractory Lining Engineering
Refractory Products Supply:
M&R is the representative in Israel of top European, North American, Far East, and South African companies, experts in the fields of refractories and ferro-alloys. 
M&R supplies cover the complete range of refractory materials including: bricks, monolithics of all types, the complete range of ceramic fiber products, heat resistant textiles, insulating bricks and other insulation products, abrasion resistant products, acid resistant materials, crucibles, ceramic heating elements, advanced industrial ceramics, kiln furniture and state of the art refractories and industrial ceramics developed in the last decade.
M&R is also the leading importer of minerals, ferro-alloys, recarburizers, and other metals to the Israeli industry, and particularly to the steel, cast iron and non-ferrous industry.
M&R carries out refractory installation and maintenance work. All filed works are performed by M&R subsidiary SLG Engineering.M&R and SLG have vast experience and long list of projects performed, including lining installation in new constructed plants, yearly maintenance contracts and local lining refurbishment work in foundries, recycle plants, chemical plants, industrial boilers, lab kilns and many more. 
M&R and the Environment:
For more than a decade M&R invests efforts in the preservation of the environment. We supply of healthy products such as bio soluble fiber products and bricks free of heavy metals. We also have participated in numerous innovative projects for recycling, conversion of combustion chambers to operate on natural gas and several project in the filed of Solar Energy.
During its many years of activity, M&R have developed excellent relations with most of the Israeli refractory consumer market, including all the leading plants in the steel, power, cement, chemicals, and glass industries. We have provided these clients top of the line refractory products, as well as consultation on specific applications, selection of products, trials, installation services, and post-implementation success/failure analysis.
Among our regular customers in Israel are: The Oil Refineries, Israel Electric Corporation, HOD Steel, Yehuda Steels, Urdan Steel Foundries, Nesher Cement Ltd., Dead Sea Works, Dead Sea Magnesium, Phoenicia Glass Works, Fertilizers and Chemicals, Rotem Amfert, The Nuclear Research Center, Negev Minerals, The American Israel Paper Mills, Carmel Olefins, Haifa Chemicals, Vulcan foundries, Modgal Metal, Blades Technologies, Tec-Jet and many others. 
The company is privately owned, and is managed by Yossi and Zeev Goshen.