Minerals & Refractories


Ceramic Fiber Products
  • Ceramic fiber blankets for 1200, 1400, 1600°C, in different thickness.
  • Ceramic fiber boards in thickness of 5, 10, 12, 25, 50 mm, for 1200-1800°C.
  • Ceramic fiber paper in thickness of 1, 2, 3, 5 mm.
  • Moldable/castable and mastic insulating products of ceramic fiber for special applications, troughs, spouts, sealing etc.
  • Metallic studs and locks for fiber installation and fixing.
  • Rigidizers and adhesives products
Dense Refractory Bricks
  • Regular fireclay (Chamotte) bricks - straight, wedge, arch, splits; for various temperatures.
  • High alumina bricks (60-95%) for extreme temperatures and conditions.
  • Chamotte plates in various sizes.
  • Furnace cover radial segments.
  • Burner blocks.
  • Mortars for brick installation.
  • Acid resistant red shale bricks.
 Data sheets:Dense_brick
Refractory Insulating Products
  • Direct fire insulating bricks for 1200-1600°C and higher, in different shapes.
  • Diatomite (Moler) bricks for back insulation.
  • Calcium Silicate insulating boards (block insulation).
  • Insulating mortar for bricks installation.
 Data sheets:Isolation bricks
Refractory Monolithic (castable) Products & Accessories
  • Dense refractory castables for temperatures of 800-1800°C for casting, gunning, vibrating, pumping, shotcreting.
  • Insulating castables for similar temperature range.
  • Plastic for ramming.
  • Metallic and ceramic anchors - complete range of various materials and shapes.
 Data sheets: Casting Materials
Heat Resistant Textiles
  • Cloth made of ceramic fiber for temperatures up to 1200˚C.
  • Cloth made of glass fiber for temperatures up to 550˚C.
  • Ropes and tapes in numerous diameter and sizes for high temperature (above 1000˚C).
  • Heat resistant flexible products for sealing of openings, doors, joints etc.
  • Foundry crucibles for the non-ferrous industry - complete size range of 0.5-1200 Kg.
  • Special shape crucibles - A type, B type and many others.
  • Crucibles made of Silicon Carbide for better thermal shock resistance.
  • Small crucibles of high (and pure) Alumina and Zirconia for special applications.
Kiln Furniture
  • Kiln batts made of Mullite cordierite for temp up to 1360°C - many sizes.
  • Kiln batts made of Silicon Carbide – thin and specially rigid.
  • Supports and stands in various heights and shapes.
  • Beams and stands of Re-Crystallized Silicone Carbide.
  • Containers/saggers for holding media while firing.
  • Setters for: grinding wheels, tableware and special shapes.
Industrial Ceramics for various applications
  • Heating elements made of Silicon Carbide and Molybdenum Disilicide.
  • Ceramic Filters for castings.
  • Ceramic tubes of high (pure) Alumina and Zirconia.
  • Tubes for pyrometers.
  • Wear resistant products - complete range made from fused cast basalt.
Minerals, Metals and other products for the Steel, Iron & Non-Ferrous industry
  • Ferro-alloys: Complete range inc. SiMn, FeMn, FeSi, FeAl, FeCr, and many more.
  • Carburizers and blackings for the steel and iron mills and foundries.
  • Products for foaming slags.
  • Industrial Metals such as Cobalt, Arsenic, Silicon, Nickel, Magnesium, and more.
Products for Foundries
  • Quartz powder.
  • Red sand bond.
  • Bentonite.
  • Silver Graphite (Silver shine).
  • Parting powder (talc).
  • Additives for non-ferrous foundries.